Brutality Records NC

We are a Regional Label, not like other labels- we support and make brutal metal music to help people in need such as veterans, widowed women, charities, much more- artist signed to our label make 95% profit anything related to being associated with our label- 5% go to help those in need- this is a tax write of for bands and is a great tool to help people in the community to gain a better understanding of our music, our culture and our lives. Brutality Records is back- 2017 is our relaunch year. with over 425 shows since 2005- over $35,000.00 has been raised and donated to various non profit groups and individuals in need

Our Mission

to become a Major name in the industry- helping our artist reach their goals as a band and uniting bands to work together to help others in need GIVING THEIR MUSIC A PURPOUSE

Brutality Records NC is made up of 

Wesley Haynes, founder to left, Matthew Hayes, Director of Promotions, Chris Ring  A&R Director, Anthony Purington, Graphic department

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